Talents , finger puppets of nine different children, boys and girls. Could be used for retelling the story of the children who used their talents to bless another.
(1), 27 miniature temple pictures that could be colored.
Temples (2)
a temple picture with child, and space to write in temple blessings.
Temples (3)
Make a mobile with six mini-pictures labeled Your Own Temple, Temple Marriage, Temple Sealings, Learning about Jesus, Baptisms for the Dead, God’s House. Color, cut and assemble.
Temples (4)
Prophets and the temples they were commanded to build. Moses, Solomon, Nephi, Joseph Smith, Brigham Young, Spencer W. Kimball. Right-click on the picture and select "save picture as" or "print picture."
Temples (5)
color and make an eight-page booklet with words to the Primary song, I Love to See The Temple.
Temples (6) Coloring page with children standing in front of a Temple with the words, "I can prepare to be worthy to go to the Temple". 
Temple Blessings Puzzle - Colored puzzle for small children. Each piece has an illustration of a temple blessing.
Temples, Baptismal Font - Coloring page that can then be turned into a 3D baptismal font.
Temple blessings unite families A family with a mother, father and three children standing in front of a temple, and the text for the scripture from Matthew 16:19. (“I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.”)
Temples, I Love to See The Temple Hidden picture that can be colored of two girls standing in front of a temple.
Temples, Salt Lake Dot-to-Dot Salt Lake Temple dot-to-dot, under the title "When Jesus Christ Comes Again."
Temples, dot-to-dot dot-to-dot and coloring page
Temples, Open House flannel board pictures to color, including people, temple, oxen with font, chandelier, mirror, etc.
Ten Commandment, 5 mini-pictures of Tablets with the Ten Commandments; Moses; Mount Sinai in a cloud; The Red Sea parted, and the children of Israel. Can be used as flannel board figures to retell the story, Moses and the Ten Commandments.
Ten Virgins
large picture of oil lamp and drops of oil to write the things one would do to prepare for the Savior's coming.
Ten Virgins (2) - Coloring page and activity about filling our lamps with oil.
Testimony (1)
, Girl pasting her testimony in an open Book of Mormon
Testimony (2)
, Testimonies of Others Can Strengthen Mine, finger puppets of different people, men, women, boy, girl, missionary, bishop.
Testimony (3)
a booklet with six mini-pictures showing the parts of a testimony.
Testimony (4) - Word puzzle to figure out ways to build your testimony.  For reading-age children.
Testimony Bitty Book - small book of coloring pages depicting parts of a testimony with simple words for small children.
Thank You cards - have children print color and send these Thank You cards.
Thank You Card for Primary Leaders - print and color card with a picture of seeds becoming flowers and the words "Thanks for helping my faith grow".
. I am thankful for my blessings. Coloring page of one leper in ten returning to thank Jesus Christ
Thomas S. Monson I Will Follow the Prophet, coloring page of Thomas S. Monson and a child at a pulpit
Tithing, piggy bank.
print and color this piggy bank for tithing, use tape to assemble.
, coloring page of a girl giving her tithing envelope to her bishop.
Tithing Jar Label - Have children color this label, add their name and affix to canning jar to collect their tithing.
Title of Liberty coloring page.
Tower of Babel, mini-pictures to color serve as multiple choice answers to questions about the Tower of Babel.
Trials - Growing from trials coloring page of a butterfly with an accompanying poem for small chidlren. 
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