I love my sponsors and you should love them too because they keep the resources on this blog FREE for you, the reader! Most of my sponsors are hard-working, LDS, entrepreneurs.  They are sacrificing their time and efforts to make your life a little easier by providing products that will beautify your home, make your church calling easier, and bring a little love into your daily life!  Please consider lending your support by purchasing these amazing products! I only choose sponsors I think you will love.

New Tradition Crafts is a family owned business from the Seattle area. The Oliver family launched their first product, The 25 Days of Christ in 2012. The 25 Days of Christ was a well loved Oliver Family tradition designed to help their family focus on Christ during Christmas. Since 2012 more than 20,000 families have made The 25 Days of Christ a tradition in their homes as well. 

Their website newtraditioncrafts.com has several other products designed to help families create meaningful traditions in their homes. You can also follow along on their social media channels for uplifting thoughts and inspiration.

Gavin is the owner of CELESTIAL STATUES. The temple is an important part of Gavin's life, and he loves capturing its beauty. They design each temple statue themselves, paying attention to the most important details. This allows them to capture the beauty of every single temple, in a way that has never been done before. CELESTIAL STATUES then uses the highest quality 3D printing to create the model, customize it if you want, and carefully ship it to your home, where it will remain a cherished reminder that Families Are Forever.

Their goal is to provide the best quality at an exceptional price. They hope to decorate your home soon! One of the best parts about CELESTIAL STATUES is your chance to customize your statue. They love adding anniversary dates or names to help make your special temple just a little more special!

Prickly Pear Design Co. specializes in modern and beautiful handouts to make your callings easier.  Each sister in the church is called to be a Visiting Teacher. It’s hard enough getting your appointments scheduled and your visits made each month, but sometimes it seems impossible to magnify our callings as Visiting Teachers because life just gets in the way. Being busy is just life, but what if you could get rid of the prep time and still go the extra mile?

Letting your sisters know you care, without spending a ton of time & money, is simple – the Relief Society Visiting Teaching Printables Club from Prickly Pear Design Co. gets rid of the extra time and effort you might spend finding monthly handouts and ideas for birthdays and holidays, so you can focus on the sisters you visit! And the best part… it all comes STRAIGHT TO YOUR INBOX, in plenty of time to set your visiting teaching appointments for the month. Each email includes a coordinating handout and links to the monthly message!

Click the link below and use code CELEBRATE1 to get a full year of Relief Society Visiting Teaching Printables for just $9.99!

Love Pray Teach offers unique and engaging lesson helps for teachers in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints! Each of us have been called as a teacher. This ranges from being a Visiting Teacher, Mother, Youth Sunday School Teacher, Primary Teacher, Young Women leader, a Relief Society Teacher, and everything in between!

Love Pray Teach offers two ways to buy their lesson helps:

1. You can buy individual lesson packets in Our Lovely Store. This is a great option if you're only teaching once a month.
2. They also offer a popular membership program! If you are teaching more than once a month, a membership is a great way to save money! For a low monthly price, you get access to all the lesson packets each month in a category!

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