Rebekah at the Well coloring page with some assembly
Repentance 3 mini-pictures showing a child being unkind, feeling sorry, and making amends. Minor cutting and assembly if desired.
Ressurection Jesus Christ Made It Possible For Me to Live With My Heavenly Father Again. A coloring page of a woman (Mary Magdalene?) beside Jesus' empty tomb, with the scripture text, "I am the way, the truth and the life..." (John 14:6)
Resurrection (2) four mini-pictures of Jesus teaching the Nephites, Jesus giving power to baptize to the Nephite disciples, modern boy being baptized, modern boy greeting two of his nonmember schoolteachers. Can be used as flannel board pictures to retell the story.
Resurrected Jesus Christ and Mary based on "The Resurrection" by Harry Anderson
Reverence I Can Be Reverent, color and assemble make a 12 page mini-book of a boy giving examples of how to be reverent
Reverence during Sacrament, five reverent children seated in a row.
Reverence in Church Building color this picture of a meetinghouse, then if desired, cut and assemble into a box with slips of papers that have suggestions on how to be more reverent.

Reverence Jar - Color jar label. Attach to jar and cut out provided word strips with ways to be reverent. Pull out a slip of paper each week and work on that particular way to be reverent.
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