Nature a stand-alone coloring page or it could be cut in pieces for a shadow box of garden pictures with animals and plants, birdhouse, picket fence, etc.
Nauvoo, City of color and cut out pictures of famous Nauvoo buildings. 
Nephi Obtains the Plates 4 mini-pictures that can be colored and used as flannel board pictures to tell the story. Pictures of Nephi, Laban, a sword, a bag of treasures, Nephi's brothers, the brass plates.
Nephi Gets the Brass Plates 6 mini-pictures that need to be put in the correct order and assembled as a book.
Nephi Builds a Ship
4 mini-pictures of Nephi, Laman, Lemuel, and an unfinished ship. Could be made into flannel board figures or made into a diorama in a shoebox lid with sand and seashells.

Nephi Builds a Ship 2 - Coloring page of Nephi and his family after he has built the ship. Includes the phrase, "Nephi was blessed for choosing the right".
Nephi's Courage Mini Book - mini booklet to color depicting Nephi being courageous. 
Nephi Forgives five mini-pictures of Nephi; Laman and Lemuel; Nephi bursting his bands; boy with a broken toy; Laman and Lemuel bowing before Nephi. Can be used as flannel board figures to retell the story, Nephi Forgives
Nephi and the Murdered Judge, from Helaman 8 & 9. Six mini-pictures to be colored, put in the correct order and assembled as a book

Noah - coloring page of Noah sending a dove with accompanying scripture. 

* * * * *

Obedience, mini-pictures that could be made as flannel board figures of Nephi, Alma, Mary, Stephen, Paul, Joseph Smith. To print the pictures first right-click on each picture and select "save picture as."
Obedience (2)
children in a boat lowering an anchor to bubbles depicting read the scriptures, honor my parents, try to be like Jesus, help others, and space to add two more commandments.
Obedience (3) a picture of Jesus with two modern children, and mini-pictures depicting prayer, paying tithing, being kind, and being baptized.
Obediance (4) 6 mini framed pictures depicting tithe paying, prayer, the sacrament, reading, gardening, and helping others.
Obediance (5) 5 mini-pictures to color depicting, working hard, studying, developing a testimony (reading Book of Mormon), respecting all people, serving Heavenly Father.
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