LDS Church cutting ties with Boy Scouts of America

(The LDS Church released the following statement via email on May 5, 2018)

New Worldwide Initiative for Children and Youth Development 

New approach to replace all existing activity programs for girls and boys, young women and young men beginning in January 2020 

The children and youth of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints worldwide are precious to us. They represent our future, and ministering to their needs is a significant focus for the Church. 

For years, Church leaders have been preparing a new initiative to teach and provide leadership and development opportunities to all children and youth, to support families, and to strengthen youth everywhere as they develop faith in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. This new approach is intended to help all girls and boys, young women and young men discover their eternal identity, build character and resilience, develop life skills, and fulfill their divine roles as daughters and sons of God. The initiative is designed to allow local leaders, families, and even the young people themselves to customize their efforts, while providing service opportunities and activities, fostering healthy relationships, and supporting communities. Details will be shared at as the implementation date approaches. 

To this end, effective on December 31, 2019, the Church will conclude its relationship as a chartered organization with all Scouting programs around the world. Until then, the intention of the Church is to remain a fully engaged partner in Scouting for boys and young men ages 8-13. We encourage all youth, families, and leaders to continue their active participation and financial support of Scouting until that date. 

We honor Scouting organizations for their continued goal to develop character and instill values in youth. The lives of hundreds of thousands of young men, along with their families and communities, have been blessed by Scouting organizations worldwide.

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