My favorite QUOTES and INSPIRED WORDS from April 2018 LDS General Conference

"Given the reality of our human weaknesses and shortcomings, how do we move forward in supporting and sustaining each other? It begins with faith—real, sincere faith in the Lord Jesus Christ."   - President Ballard

“The blessing of receiving the sacrament must never become routine or just something we do in sacrament meeting. It is only seventy minutes in a whole week when we can pause and find more peace, joy, and happiness in our lives.”   - President Ballard

“However many generations in your mortal ancestry, no matter what your race or people you represent, the pedigree of your spirit can be written on a single line. You are a child of God!” –President Packer

“When you feel hurt, lost, scared, upset, sad, hungry, or hopelessly abandoned in ‘life’s extremities’ 
– open the Book of Mormon.”   - Elder Taylor

“The surrender of our will to God’s will, is in fact, not surrender at all, but the beginning of a glorious victory.”  - Elder Andersen

“It is my prayer that we follow Him, that we believe Him, that we love Him, and that we feel love demonstrated by His Sacrifice every time we have the opportunity to live one more day.” - Elder Godoy

“Turning your thoughts outward, instead of dwelling on your own problems, may not resolve all of these issues, but service can often lighten your burdens.”  - Sister Oscarson

“I pray we all recognize the joyful and sacred responsibility it is to teach a child.” - Brother Durrant

“Find a way around the obstacles and make family home evening a priority—and make fun a key ingredient.”  - Brother Durrant

"We sometimes compare the feelings we experience in temples as having caught a glimpse of heaven.”  - Elder Renlund

“Miracles happen when the children of God work together guided by the Spirit to reach out to others in need.” - Sister Aburto

“If you are struggling to find the strength to forgive, don’t think of what others have done to you, but think of what the Lord has done for you.” - Elder De Feo

“More precious than a memory or a picture of the events of that day, more important is the memory of the Holy Ghost touching our hearts and His continuing affirmation of truth.” - President Eyring

"We have a heaven-sent opportunity as an entire church to demonstrate pure religion, undefiled before God, to bear one another’s burdens that they may be light...” - Elder Holland

“This opportunity to participate in building the kingdom of God will be a tremendous benefit to young women, helping them better prepare to fulfill their roles as leaders in the church and the community and as contributing partners in their families.” - Sister Bingham

“I can testify from personal experience that our homes are sacred places where the Spirit can abound—as much as, and sometimes even more than, in our formal places of worship.” - Bishop Caussé

“When you are despairing, deserted, doubting, damaged, or defeated, behold the Man. He will comfort you.” - Elder Uchtdorf

“The scriptures give guidance for our most important relationships.”  - Elder Cook

“Pray in the name of Jesus Christ about your concerns, your fears, your weaknesses — yes, the very longings of your heart. And then listen!” - President Nelson

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