The LDS General Conference talk by Thomas S. Monson that you absolutely must read!

"The Way of the Master" 
by Thomas S. Monson

 April 1996 - LDS General Conference
Topic: Life after Death

This talk is included very first in my list of 8 LDS Talks that Changed My Life and there's a good reason.  Itmade such a distinct impression on me in my youth that I remember the exact place I was sitting and how I felt when I saw it in real life (I would have been 18 years old).  The beginning of the talk is lovely, expressing teachings of Jesus Christ and how we can implement those things in our lives.  But the Life-changing part of this talk comes a little later when President Monson relays a story titled "Information Please" (beginning at 13:30 of this clip).

This story is profoundly touching and shares with us the message that death is not the end of life. While on my mission an Elder I knew lost a loved one.  In that moment this wonderful talk entered my mind and I shared it with him, later finding the actual talk in an Ensign and copying it for him to read.  His pain was slightly lighter because of the words of this beautiful talk and the testimony that our lives are eternal.

Favorite Quote: "Always remember that there are other worlds in which to sing."

Read it here.
Watch it here.
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