LDS Family Home Evening // Jesus Asks Us to Clothe the Naked

What You'll Need: scriptures, GAK 200/GAB 30: The Birth of Jesus, GAK 240: Jesus the Christ, GAK 512: Heber J. Grant, maze page, crayons, scripture match-up, pen or pencil.

Scripture: "[I was] naked, and ye clothed me." - Matthew 25:36

Opening Song: Kindness Begins With Me (PCS #145)


When Adam and Eve left the Garden of Eden, Heavenly Father gave them clothes made of animal skins.  Clothing Adam and Eve was one of the first acts of service the Lord extended to His people on earth.  There are many times in the scriptures when we learn that clothes are more important than they seem.

(display The Birth of Jesus)

The baby Jesus was wrapped in swaddling clothes before he was laid in the manger.  Joseph in Egypt was given a Coat of Many Colors by his family.  A very sick woman was healed when she touched the very bottom of Christ's robe.  Captain Moroni made the Title of Liberty out of a piece of his coat.  When Jesus comes again he will wear a red robe.

(display Jesus the Christ)

Clothes protect us from harsh weather and keep us safe, but having the clothes we need can also make us feel worthy and not forgotten.  Those who cannot buy the clothes they need are often embarrassed and ashamed, even though it is not their fault.

(display picture of Heber J. Grant)

I'm going to tell you a true story from the life of Heber J. Grant, who was a Latter-day Prophet of our church.

When Heber was young his family was very poor. Young Heber J. Grant worked hard in his thin, worn jacket. His family didn’t have money to buy a new coat. Heber’s mother surprised him when she gave him a new, warm winter coat. She had worked hard to sew it for him. Heber thanked his mother and rushed out the door to play. His coat was so warm he hardly noticed the cold weather!

As Heber raced down the streets, something caught his eye as he ran past an alley. Heber slowly peeked around the corner. He watched as a young boy in a thin, ragged sweater touched in front of an exhaust grate to try to get warm. Heber knew how cold that boy must be. He knew the boy needed help. When Heber came home, his mother immediately noticed he was not wearing his coat. "Heber, where is your coat?” she asked. Heber told his mother that he gave the coat to the boy in the alley. He began to cry. He didn’t want his mother to be sad that he gave away the coat. Heber’s mother was not sad. She hugged Heber. She was proud of him.

Share the Mormon Channel's video The Coat.  If you cannot view it below click here.

When Heber gave the little boy his coat he gave him more than warm hands.  Heber helped him feel important and that somebody loved him.

Along with things like food and shelter, clothing is a basic need. It covers us and can keep us warm. We can share with people to help them get the items they need. We can help clothe others just as Jesus taught and as Heber J. Grant did.  When we help clothe others we bless them and we are also blessed.

This week our family is going to work together to follow the Savior's instructions to clothe the naked.

- Collect clothes we no longer need that are still nice and donate them to a charity.
- Purchase new winter coats, gloves, socks, or hats and donate them to a shelter.
- Tie small, fleece, blankets for a local NICU.
- Buy preemie sized sleepers and donate them to a local NICU.
- Donate to a local charity that supplies clothing for those in need.

NOTE: If you are participating in the 2017 Light The World campaign the day for this prompt is Saturday, December 16th.

Bear your testimony about how blessed we are when we follow the Saviors commandment to clothe others.  Share a certain piece of clothing from your life and why it was so special to you (wedding dress, baby blessing dress, baptism clothes, baby blanket, etc).

(For tips on sharing your testimony please click here.)


FOR SMALL KIDS // Mittens Maze 
(included in Lesson download)

FOR OLDER KIDS & TEENS // Sacred Clothing Match-Up
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