Make Thanksgiving meaningful with "Deeds of Gratitude" + a COUPON CODE!

Are you looking for a way to spread thankfulness and service throughout the entire month of November in your home? This Deeds of Gratitude kit by New Tradition Crafts (the same company that brings you 25 Days of Christ in December) is the perfect answer! This new Thanksgiving activity will inspire your family to take positive action to show gratitude for the blessings in life. This take on a common holiday tradition will have your family living gratefully instead of just talking about it.

Use these beautiful holiday decorations in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving for each family member to write something they are grateful for on one side of a leaf--and an action they will take to show their gratitude on the opposite side. This set includes 18 brightly colored wooden leaves and one chalk marker for writing, erasing, and re-using year after year.

This kit is beautifully made and so easy to use!
  • Identify something you are grateful for and write it on one side...
  • Choose an action that will demonstrate your gratitude and write it on the other side...
  • Display your blessings and thoughtful acts to remember things worth celebrating.

Each Deeds of Gratitude set contains:
  • 18 wooden leaf patterns finished with a colorful and durable surface that works great with...
  • 1 white chalk marker to write your blessings and acts on the leaves. The chalk marker can be wiped clean from the leaves for reuse year after year.
  • A ball of twine to use in a variety of ways to display the leaves.

I am SO excited to start this new tradition with my family this year.  You can get your kit in plenty of time to make November a month of reflection, gratitude, and service for your entire family.

I am so happy to get to share a coupon code with you worth 10% off your order! Get both the Deeds of Gratitude kit AND the 25 Days of Christ kit so you are all set for the holidays!  Use the code FHE at checkout!

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