Why Zendaya WON'T be drinking alcohol on her 21st Birthday!

If you have teens or tween girls they undoubtedly know who Zendya is.  She first gained public attention as the star of the Disney Channel series "Shake It Up".

We've all seen other Disney actresses transition into adulthood with a....ahem...bang.  To shake their "wholesome image", many turn to drastic measures in clothing, public behavior, and lifestyle.  I'm looking at you, Miley.  Since reaching adulthood, Zendaya has seemed to handle the transition a bit more smoothly than others, becoming a style icon for many teens.

Zendaya now has a App which she uses to connect with her fans and offer style tips and other lifestyle images.  As she neared her 21st birthday this month she sent a message out to her fans via her app.

"My life is too stressful to need help with relaxing by having a cocktail. This industry is way too nuts for me to not be in control of myself and my decisions, so I just don't want to introduce drinking!" she wrote. "Plus, I don’t want drinking to become a vice. Why try something if you don’t need it?!"

This is such a powerful message from a woman who has a powerful place in society.  Bravo, Zendaya!

(images above courtesy of disney.com, the associated press, and instyle.com)
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Chrissy said...

That's awesome of Zendya! Good for her!

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