FRIDAY FINDS & FAVES // Lipstick that lasts all day long // a LipSense review

If you know me in real life (and maybe if you even remotely know me online) then you know that I am ALL about the lipstick. My lips have always been my favorite feature and I love to wear pretty bold lipsticks to accentuate them.  Over the past few years I have become a bit obsessed with long wear lipstick! I don't want to reapply lip color again and again.

During this obsession I have found that not all long wear lip colors are created equal.  Most are very drying and flake off after a while.

Recently my sister-in-law tried LipSense and told me she had thrown out ALL of her other lipsticks because she could never go back to wearing anything else. I was definitely intrigued!  This was around Christmas and when our whole family was together all of the girls tried on the same shade (BluRed) and I was so impressed! Red lipsticks are tricky to find to suit your skin tone.  What looks like a true red can turn orangy or fuchsia on certain skin colors.  My niece has very olive/tan skin and I an very fair. My sister-in-law is a redhead with very fair skin and freckles.  ALL of us looked amazing in the BluRed color.  Here's a photo of me wearing the BluRed color (duck lips included free of charge). Also, remember when I had brown hair?

I ordered a starter kit from my friend Ashley and when it came I was ready to give it a try!  It comes with a lip color, a gloss, and a remover.

I actually ordered 2 colors to get started! I told Ashley what I was looking for and she totally helped me out! If you're not sure where to start you can totally contact Ashley and she'll be SO HELPFUL!  I have large, full, lips so I usually stay with a matte lip color without shimmer built in. Ashley recommended some great colors and I was so excited to get them!  In the end I chose Bella (which is a universally flattering neutral) and Sheer Pink (which is so great for any time of year)!

I tried LipSense and put it through the test! Drinking from a water bottle (without a straw), eating, kissing my hubby.  Both colors looked really great! I love that you can wear this with or without gloss and that the colors come in matte and shimmer.  When I first considered ordering I was concerned about the cost.  When I saw this graphic I realized it was actually CHEAPER per ounce than the drugstore Long-lasting lip color I was using before.

THE VERDICT - Yes, it did stay on all day.  Towards the very end of the day the inside of my lips were starting to wear off, BUT I found out that doesn't happen if you put on the gloss right before you eat.

Here is an idea of how much fun you can have with these colors! The first picture produced a lovely, bold, pink lip!  The second photo was a great, matte, roasted brown/wine color.  The third photo made a gorgeous, deep, berry! Seriously, with just two colors and gloss you can create a lot of different looks!

Check out Ashley's LIPS 4 THE WIN Facebook Group. I love being a part of it because she shares sales, specials, and shows the different colors and color combos of lipsense on her so you can get so many great ideas to mix and match!  You can also find Ashley at Lips4theWin on Instagram!

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