Why Selling Digital LDS Products Does NOT Make You a Sell-Out // The Case for Supporting LDS Entrepreneurs Online

I recently talked on my social media account about providing my FHE lessons for free. That is important to me.  I do not want to charge families (especially small, new, families) for the gift of an easier FHE. I have felt, from the beginning, that this was my small way to use my small talents, to help other LDS families.  But, I do also have an LDS-themed Etsy shop.  I provide posters, reading charts, and other prints at a cost.

I want to say that I 100% believe that there is nothing wrong with people using their God-given talents to provide for their family by selling LDS products.  There have been too many times to count when our family was in a very tight pay-period and my husband and I wondered how we could make it until the next payday.  Then, as if by a miracle, we would have a sale in my Etsy shop and it would get us through.  I prayed every time and thanked Heavenly Father for those blessings. We were stuck not always having enough money to meet our needs and I turned to what I could do to help our family, using talents I possessed to help bring in a little money by creating LDS-themed digital downloads for those who wanted them.

There is a HUGE stigma on charging for printable LDS items.  For some reason this stigma doesn't seem to extend to physical products sold in stores, like Deseret Book. But if you charge for anything you produce digitally to sell online you are seen as "profiting off of the gospel".  Please consider this...

  • Consider the hours and hours of work and time that LDS Entrepreneurs need to create products to enrich LDS lives.  
  • Consider what a blessing it is for members outside of Utah to be able to easily purchase and download LDS products that they might otherwise have no access to since they can't stop at their local Seagull Books and grab scripture bookmarks.
  • Consider how Heavenly Father could pave a way for all different family circumstances to be benefited by selling quality LDS products online.

One amazing example is Colette from My Computer is My Canvas. I cannot even believe how inexpensive her amazing creations are! And God has provided a way for her to support her family by running her Etsy shop that makes our LDS callings so much easier! Everything I have purchased from Colette has been gorgeous and helpful and well worth my $5!  I especially LOVE the Personal Progress Planner I got for my newly 12 year old daughter. It has really sparked her excitement for Personal Progress!

Colette recently shared this with me, "I am so grateful the Lord gave me a set of skills that helps me provide for my family, especially because of our particular circumstance. I love how He orchestrates that I can use those same skills to help others in their callings and spread goodness along the way. The Lord works in wonderfully mysterious ways - how awesome that providing for my family and helping move the work forward blend so seamlessly together."

So, take a moment today and support and celebrate Mormon entrepreneurs!
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