Bookroo Monthly Subscription Box Review and a Discount!!

There's a new trend of replacing GIFTS with EXPERIENCES for kids and families and I really love this idea! Making memories with our kids is something we all want. There is also an emerging trend of Gift Subscriptions and I really love all of the new options out there! Crafts, toys, science experiments.

Top 3 Reasons I love Subscriptions Boxes as Gifts
  1.  With all of the gifts given to children around their birthdays or other holidays it can be a bit overwhelming.
  2.  Subscriptions last all year and kids get to relive the excitement again and again.
  3. Rather than just toys, subscriptions provide an experience!
But I still have very young kids at home and those subscriptions are too grown up for them. Toddlers love getting mail too and I finally found a great subscription service that my toddlers love AND I love as well.  Each month toddlers get three board books (or older kids get two picture books) that have been extensively reviewed by a panel of 12 families attending Stanford University and their combined 22 kids. Books that emerge as clear winners are sent out in Bookroo boxes.

Top 3 Reasons I love Bookroo Subscriptions Boxes
  1. Books come wrapped like presents to make reading fun. Children love to open things and the fun of unwrapping each month’s books.
  2.  Read to your children and help them learn to love books. Research shows the first five years to be a critical time to read to your children. This is have the most rapid brain development that does not occur at any other time!
  3.  As part of their giving back program, Bookroo donates books to children in need through Reach Out And Read!
I took a short video of my toddlers opening our very first Bookroo subscription box.

(If you're having trouble viewing the video CLICK HERE)

As you can tell I really LOVED this box and so did my kids! Later that same day I found both of them, at different times, reading (looking through) the Bookroo books by themselves. THAT'S PRICELESS! If you sign up for Bookroo right now you can get 20% off a 3 or 6 month subscription.

A full review (and unboxing video) of the new BOOKROO monthly book subscription for toddlers and kids. I love giving gifts that are experiences, not toys, that kids rediscover all year long and getting kids excited about books is PRICELESS!  Check out this blog post for honest thoughts on the product and a discount! #bookroo #toddlergifts #booksfortoddlers

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