12 Fantastic Holidays Gifts for FAMILIES

This book is in my Top 5 Pictures Books of all time.  It is SO WONDERFUL.  You need to buy it and you should probably buy the hard cover version because it's just that good.  I recommended this book to my sister when her kids were very young and after she got it from Amazon she called me crying, having just finished reading it....it's that great!

02. Zingo!
A really fun game that even small children can play (age 4 and up).  it's like BINGO, but there is a little game piece that doles out the playing pieces (which are actually sturdy, plastic, pieces). The playing cards have a side for easy play and a side for more difficult play.  THIS is a kids game you won't mind playing (I hate you, Candyland).  There are also versions of Zingo! about Numbers, Sight Words, Word Building, and Time Telling if your kiddos need a bit of help in those categories!

I love everything Petit Collage does and these floor puzzles are no exception. Look how stylish and cool these are! And they also have eight options of topics so you can get whatever subject your family loves.  I kind of love the USA map.

I first heard about this fun tradition from my oldest Sister.  I spied this funny looking ornament on her tree one year and asked about it.  It's not just a kooky pickle for the tree, there is a tradition and little game behind it. The pickle is placed on a Christmas tree after the kids have gone to bed on Christmas Eve. On Christmas morning, the first child to find the pickle on the tree would receive an extra present from Santa Claus. Now, just so you know, I believe I remember my sister tweaking the outcome of this slightly so there wasn't a bloody death-match on Christmas morning in the hunt for an extra present.  Instead, you can choose to make the tradition that the child who finds it get's to open a present first or hand out the gifts that Christmas, etc.

Who doesn't remember growing up reading these?  I think it's an American tradition.  I adored these books as a child and read every single one.  Now my daughters read them as well.  I purchased this set for our family last year and I think it's a great gift for any family.  There is a small set with just 5 books, but this full set is almost the same price and you need them all, right?

06. Family Attraction Gift Pass
There's not really a link I can give you since it depends on where you live, but if you have a bit more money to spend (or are Grandparents of small kids) this is the best gift you can give. I prefer kids museums to amusement parks, but it depends on the family's interests. When we lived in Pennsylvania (in a rural area) we got a year-long gift membership for the entire family to the local children's museum for under $100. Amusement parks will be more. Also, check and see if your local museum has a deal with other Nationwide programs. That membership to our small local museum also got us entrance into much larger museums in our area and we visited one in Baltimore, Delaware, and in Philadelphia for free (or discounted)!  Try this link or this link to see options of linked museums.

If you're in Utah, along the Wasatch front, consider THE LEONARDO. That's our family's very favorite Children's Museum in Utah!

Oh, and while we are on boxed sets every family needs, add the Chronicles of Narnia to the mix. This is another thing I purchased last year for our own family library.  This seems even more gender neutral and every family will enjoy this set for years and years. I mean, can you go wrong with this one?  For under $30 it's a sure thing.

I'm a little obsessed with Pee-Wee Herman. I loved Pee-Wee's Big Adventure growing up and when Pee-Wee's Playhouse started to air on Saturday mornings I was ecstatic. Now, years later, my kids adore these episode of Pee-Wee's Playhouse.  I haven;t found a kid yet who doesn't respond to this show.  Of course, you can go a bit smaller and just try the Season 1 & Season 2 Compilation DVD.

We have this edition of the Hedbanz Game (there are quite a few other editions to check out) and our family loves it. I really like that even small children can participate.

This is the perfect puzzle for families with small kids to do around the holidays. It took me a long time to find a Christmas puzzle that was cute, but not too difficult for small kids. This is the winner and we love doing it together each year during December.

This is on my Wishlist this year for our family.  I need to be better at teaching my own children to cook easy recipes so they feel accomplished and a sense of independence.  But sometimes I don;t know were to start! This has a perfect 5 Star rating on Amazon and seems like a sure bet for guidance on teaching kids to cook.

This is an item I bought last year since my 8 year old can't seem to hold her playing cards for anything! We love them!! it makes UNO and other card games so much easier for small kids to play. I highly recommend these for families with small children.
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