LDS Book Review // Q & A: Common Questions and Powerful Answers for LDS Youth

A Year of FHE // Book Review of a new book for LDS Teens and their Parents called Q&A: Common Questions and Powerful Answers for LDS Youth.  This is such a great resource for Family Home Evenings with teens. Check out the full review and where to buy this great book! #lds #teens #youth

This year I have heard from a lot of readers looking for resources for Family Home Evening with Teens. I don't have teens yet, so I have been doing some research and checking out new products just for you and I have found some great ideas that I will be sharing with you this month.

The first resource I am sharing is called Q & A: COMMON QUESTIONS AND POWERFUL ANSWERS FOR LDS YOUTH.  It's by John Hilton III and Anthony Sweat and is published by Deseret Book. The book goes on sale this coming Monday, November 7th. I wanted to give you a special preview so you can go grab a copy on Monday!

In Q&A teens will find meaningful, relatable, answers for many of their most pressing questions, all in one book! Drawing from the most popular questions of Why?, How?, and The Big Picture—and adding some timely new questions about current issues— this book helps youth understand the doctrinal “whys” that reinforce the teachings found in For the Strength of Youth. Then it answers the “hows” and “whats” to help youth live the gospel in today’s world. With an eye-catching graphic style, this new paperback format is fun and engaging for today’s LDS teens. Parents can easily plan a FHE around any of the 33 topics that get answered.

Here's a look at what's inside the book.  Here's an example of a chapter on Agency.  You can click this image to see it larger and read the pages.  You'll notice clear, easy, definitions to make concepts clear to teens which are reinforced by real-life examples to further illustrate the gospel topic being taught.

Here are just some of the questions that are addressed in this book:

  • How Can I Know when the Holy Ghost is Speaking to Me?
  • How Can I have More Meaningful Prayers?
  • Why does the Music I Listen to Matter?
  • How Can I Smartly use my Digital Device?
  • How Can I Make the Temple a More Important Part of my Life?
Sounds pretty helpful, right? There are many, many, more topics with the same clear answers.  You can use this as a platform for planning your own Family Home Evenings or have your teen prepare a Family Home Evening using one of these questions as a guide.

I recommend this book to all LDS parents of tweens and teens. It will help guide you through answering the tough questions your kids have, fortify their testimonies, and help your children understand why you maintain the rules you have in place.

CLICK HERE to purchase your copy or if you're close to a Deseret Book you can drop by on Monday and grab a copy.

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