HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE for TODDLERS (ages 1-3 years)

HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE for TODDLERS (ages 1-3) by A Year of FHE.  This has some great ideas for gifts, along with product descriptions, and links where you can purchase!

We bought this for Jude's 2nd birthday and he is obsessed! It is a great height and really fun. I have even caught my older kids playing with it because it's pretty fun! 

I think you know our family LOVES Peppa Pig! This could be in the Pre-Schoolers list too.

Jude is absolutely obsessed with this book. There is simple and rhyming text with consistent repeating phrases that small toddlers will pick up on and love to recite. The illustrations are cute and match the tone of the text. This is our new favorite gift for other little boys of a similar age. There is also Goodnight Tractor and Goodnight Pirate by the same author.

We first saw these bath toys at a Children's Museum in Delaware and my kids fell in love with them.  The water bugs actually float on top of the bath water and kids can scoop them up in the net.  We bought two sets and our kids love them. I only wish they sold additional bugs without the net.

05. Knuffle Bunny Book Set (Knuffle Bunny: A Cautionary Tale,  Knuffle Bunny Too: A Case of Mistaken Identity, Knuffle Bunny Free: An Unexpected Diversion)
These are my very favorite books for toddlers.  And the last book will make you cry (no joke). All of my kids have loved these books and yours will too.  I promise.  They are clever and cute and perfectly perfect. And yes, I require you to buy all three.

These could really be in this age group OR for a preschooler.  My children ages 2, 5, and 8 ALL love these books. The illustrations are freaking adorable and the story is really fun.

Cecilia got this for her first birthday. She is not quite strong enough yet to push it down (she's puny though), but she does love it and so does 2 year old Jude. I love that it seems far LESS noisy than other spinners we have had in the past. And it's got a cool, modern, feel to it.

This is a cute, cuddle dog that comes in purple or green and has an entire variety of songs, music, learning activities and fun for small kids.  Bianca had one and LOVED it! You go online and put in your child's name and other information like their favorite color, song, etc. and the dog speaks to them using their specifics.  It's pretty magical.  And for around $15 this is well worth the hours of fun your toddler will have with it.

Jude received this as a gift around his first birthday and it quickly became his favorite book.  Keep in mind that it IS a flap book and the flaps are paper, so if your little toddler is a wild one they may rip this, but Jude never did.

If you have small children and don't already have this you MUST get it.  I love it because my kids can play with it, act out the Christmas story, and love the light-up star and song...and they CAN'T BREAK THE PIECES! Yes!!! It is my kids' favorite holiday tradition each year. This year we added the Shepherd's set and we love it!

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