HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE / 8 Perfect Christmas Gifts for Babies + 5 LDS Gifts for Babies!

Gift Guide // 8 Great Holiday Gifts for Babies 0-1 Year old. Great ideas for Christmas!

01. Yes Yes! A Bundle of Board Books by Leslie Patricelli
All of my babies have LOVED these books! They are sturdy, cute, adorably illustrated and funny.

Cecilia got this for her 1st birthday and she LOVES it. Her little cousin had one too and got it at 6 months and it was great. It plays music and sings songs, has shape-sorting and lights. it's great and will be loved by baby for more than most toys for this age group.

All babies need an activity mat and I love this one because I feel like it's not too cutesy and it's got a nice Unisex feel to it.  I used this for both my young boy and girl. It comes with a mirror and a pillow to prop under their arms for tummy time.  And all of the toys are detachable so you can use them separately.

04. Wubbanub
If you haven't had a baby in the past 3 years then this is new to you. It's genius! It's a binkie/pacifier attached to a small, slightly weighted stuffed animal.  This accomplishes three great things. (01) It's impossible to lose this thing! (2) It makes it so that the baby's slight tongue movement won't send the binkie shooting out of their mouth. (3) When your baby gets a bit older it is easy for them to grasp this with their hands to put the binkie in their own mouth.  Best invention ever.

05. It's a Big World CD and A Little Love CD by Renee and Jeremy
I love this singing duo for our babies.  It is full of mellow, but cool music that won't make you want to gouge your eyes out from annoyance.  Listen to the samples on Amazon. It's a great gift for babies and their parents!

This is the walker we got for Cecilia and babies can start using it when they being to pull-up (around 6-8 months, depending on the baby). I love this one because it has a wide base so it won't tip over. The toys on it are great and it has adjustable volume (every mom's dream!). The music and lights aren't too annoying either.  You can also adjust the wheels to move easily or have drag for newly learning babies.  It's a really great product!

07. Kauzbots
These adorable robots come in all different colors and support different causes. 10% of the retail price of the purchase of each Kauzbot is donated to the Kauze closest to their heart. I love how cute they are AND no buttons or moving parts mean they are safe for babies.

This is one of those gifts that will last forever and is sturdy, adorable, and unique. I would have loved this gift for my babies!

Gift Guide // 5 LDS Holiday Gifts for Babies 0-1 Year old. Great ideas for Christmas! #latter-daysaints #mormon #giftguide

01. LDS Board Books for Babies
I love Board Books for babies!  These are so great to slip into your church bag for quiet (or at least less loud) Sacrament Meetings.  I love My First Book of Mormon Stories, Blessing the Nephite Children,  1, 2, 3, with Nephi and Me, and Temples Dot the Earth.

02. Hidden in My Heart Lullaby CD's
I recently heard these songs and fell in love. What amazing messages for kids of any age and they are so soothing.  There are currently three volumes. Volume 1: A Lullaby Journey Through Scripture, Volume 2: A Lullaby Journey Through Scripture, Volume 3: A Lullaby Journey Through the Life of Jesus

It's pretty impossible to find sound clips of these songs on Amazon or iTunes so here is a YouTube video of two of my favorites.

3. Fisher-Price Little People Noah's Ark
My kids LOVE the Fisher Price Little People.  This is such a cute little play set and would be extra great to include the Fisher Price Little People Noah's Ark book along with it. You can also buy additional animals (in pairs) here.

4. Tales of Glory Play Sets
You can buy these individually (in small sets) or buy the mega-set I linked here. These would be really fun to use during Family Home Evenings to act out the stories as you tech them to your kids.

5. I Am a Child of God Custom Canvas Print
This is a really cute gift and would be so adorable in a nursery for a baby to look at as she grows.  You get to personalize the name and info as well as the colors and you can buy just a print to frame or have it made into a canvas!

Check out this awesome Gift Guide! 8 Great Holiday Gifts for Babies 0-1 Year old + 5 Great ideas for LDS Christmas gifts for babies!

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