15 Great Thanksgiving Activities for Kids and Teens from LDS magazines

A Year of FHE // Check out this list of 15 Great THANKSGIVING ACTIVITIES for Kids and Teens from LDS magazines.  Each has a short description of the activity and a link for easy download.  #lds #thanksgiving #teens
Blessings Hidden Picture // Find the hidden pictures that a young boy is grateful for.
Thankful Coloring Page 
Count Your Blessings simple maze // Follow a small boy's path through the park and see what he is grateful for along the way.
Gratitude Tree // Print and cut out leaf shapes and draw things we are thankful for on each one. Then hang on a tree cut from paper.
Showing Thanks mini poster / Shows illustrations of things we are thankful for with an empty space for children to draw their own.
Thankful Poem and Poster // A poem with illustrations about what we are thankful for with a second page to draw your own additional picture.

Being Thankful Crossword Puzzle 
A Box of Blessings // Make a gratitude journal box to record how Heavenly Father blesses you.
Thankfulness Word Puzzle // Use the code provided to solve a puzzle about being thankful.
Gratitiude Journaling Challenge // List of Journaling prompts to help kids identify their blessings in different areas of life.
Gratitude Tree // Print and cut out leaf shapes and write things we are thankful for on each one. Then hang on a tree cut from paper.
Thankful Word Code // Older kids can use the provided guide to decode a message from Pres. Monson on being thankful.

Idea List on Showing Gratitude // A list of 10 simple ways teens can show gratitude.
Charities Teens can Help With // Go to this site and type in criteria to see ways you can help through the church's humanitarian channels.
Idea List on being Grateful and Glad // 13 simple ways teens can feel and express gratitude.

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