Halloween Spooky Glittered Silhouettes // Tutorial and Free Templates!

SPOOKY GLITTERED SILHOUETTES for HALLOWEEN!  A full tutorial with supply list, instructions, and free cut files for Silhouette cutters or a printable template so you can cut out by hand. And the best part is this glitter won't shed! So easy, chic, and inexpensive. This would be a great craft for tweens! #halloween #silhouettes #free #craft #template

I am part of a monthly craft group in Logan, Utah and last October it was my turn to choose our craft.  I wanted some grown-up, but not too scary, Halloween decorations.  I love the look of glitter, but hate the glitter shedding everywhere! I experimented with spraying glittered items with sealers, Mod Podge, and other no-shed techniques.  It wasn't working.

And then, it hit me!  Why couldn't I use scrapbooking cardstock that was already pre-glittered, run it through my Silhouette Cameo cutter, and not have to worry about shedding glitter at all?! And guess what? It worked!  

My craft group made in no time flat and we all loved the results!  The best part is you can really go crazy with combinations here!  Dark purple, grey or midnight blue paint could be used as a background and you could use any number of silhouettes.  

You can make these for any holiday! A white board with a green shamrock would be fantastic for St. Patrick's Day!  Or a glittered tan turkey silhouette on a board that has been painted dark brown or even stained.  How about a red and white striped board with a blue glittered star in the middle for the 4th of July.  Are you seeing how many possibilities there are? Go crazy and have fun!

  • 1, 6x1" board, cut into squares
  • 1 sheet glitter paper in desired color
  • craft paint in desired color
  • sandpaper
  • Xyron 5" sticker maker OR glue stick
  • 1 package of small rhinestones AND strong adhesive (optional)
  • hardware for wall hanging and a hammer (optional)
  • Silhouette Cameo cutting machine OR craft knife and cutting mat

1. Purchase a board from a home improvement store.  You can get a few cuts for free while at the store. Have store cut into a perfect square (NOTE: Ask the cutter to measure the width and make the cut a perfect square since not all 6" boards are actually 6" wide...I learned the hard way).

2. Sand edges and surfaces of board with sandpaper until smooth.

3. Paint all sides (including edges) with the craft paint color of your choice and allow to dry completely. Sand edges if desired.

4. Use a Silhouette cutting machine or a craft knife to cut desired silhouette from glittered craft paper.

5. Run cut silhouette through Xyron Sticker Maker. Remove from backing and position onto wood block.  Press down firmly. Adhere rhinestone eyes if using.

6. If hanging, add wall hanging hardware to back of the block.



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