Family Favorites // July 2016

I decided to share some of our family's favorite things on the last Saturday of each month. This can be a fun insight into our life and give you some great ideas for your family as well!

Chachi is obsessed with spicy food, which is sad for him since the rest of us are complete wusses.  So he gets his own array of sauces to dump on everything since I can't cook spice into our meals.  And, like everyone else who loves spice, he LOVES Sriracha. I recently bought him this t-shirt as a gift and it's super-cool.  It's good quality and a great price.  It's a great gift for men-folk who like their food spicy!

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I've been baking up a storm lately because of my obsession with the Great British Baking Show, which has been airing on PBS (the finale is this weekend)!  One baking book that I just love that every baker needs is The Pie and Pastry Bible by Rose Levy Beranbaum.  My girlfriend has recently made the recipe for easy, homemade puff pastry from this book and said it is amazing!!  My next cookbook purchase is probably going to be The Baking Bible by the same author or Julia's Kitchen Wisdom by Julia Child, which is widely regarded as her best cookbook (Gasp! What about Mastering the Art of French Cooking?!) This is more of a modern and relevant cookbook, unless you're really into making Calf's Foot Jelly.

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This month Chicken and Banjo have been attending Sewing Camp. A young Mom in our Ward taught it from her home and we loved both supporting her AND the fun and confidence my redheads gained while learning to sew.  It ended this week and I wanted to keep the momentum going so we purchased the Sewing School 2 book and Chicken is basically DYING to sew every project inside. We already own Sewing School, which teaches kids to hand sew and is equally awesome.  This is the perfect resource if you want to teach your kiddos to sew, but are not sure where to start.

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Staying with the crafting theme, Banjo recently received this Mini Pom-Pom Pets book and supply set as a gift and I'm embarrassed to say I have made my own pom-pom pets too since it is so fun!  Bonkers and Chicken have gotten in on the fun as well.  It's a little a good way!  This set comes with really easy-to-understand instructions to make over 20 different pom-pom animals AND includes Yarn, Beaded Eyes, Noses, Sequins, Wire, Measuring, Tape, etc. Your kids will love it. I cannot recommend it enough!

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Bonkers got this riding car scooter from her Grandparents and she loves it! It has gotten a lot of miles this Summer on out drive-way. I love that it doesn't have pedals to mess with and all three of our little kids can ride it.

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I've mentioned McMudo's love for Blaze and the Monster Machines and this past week I bought him this shirt off of Amazon.  I'm not one for character shirts, but I though he could wear it for pajamas.  Well, he wore it for three days straight! He keeps looking in our full-length mirror and dancing around.

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Really, all three of the little kids are now obsessed with the new show on Nick Jr. called Hey Duggee! It's really cute and I especially love that we spotted a very subtle adoption nod in the opening.  ALl of these little critters go to camp each day where they earn a different badge from Duggee, their camp leader.  Each episode we see the campers being dropped off by their parents to camp.  Check out a still shot from the opening...

Notice the little alligator has an elephant parent.  So cool!  You can watch full episode on Nick Jr. HERE.  This is a British import, like Peppa Pig, and I think it's going to get huge here and there will be a lot of fun products available soon.  I hope so, since Bonkers has already requested a Hey Duggee birthday party this year!
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