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Information about the new FLIGHT exhibit at The Leonardo in Salt Lake City, Utah. Such a great activity for families!

As you may know our family has lived in Utah for just over a year. I am amazed and delighted at just how many great family activities, children's museums and learning opportunities there are here. Hooray for living in the Land of Families! Since we ave been living on the East Coast, Utah has gained a wonderful new museum! The Leonardo is a non-profit community-powered museum which opened in 2011. If you are new to The Leonardo (as I am) then you will love their Mission Statement...

Mission Statement: We live in a rapidly-changing, highly connected world that asks each citizen to be more curious, more informed and more engaged. The Leonardo seeks to reflect and respond to this new world by creating an innovative, dynamic space that builds fluency and knowledge, ignites the creative imagination of visitors of all ages, and inspires them to see and act in new and powerful ways.

Since the inception of The Leonardo, the museum has been known primarily as a venue for traveling exhibits. Over the years they have never forgotten their mission which is to fuse science, technology and art into experiences that inspire creativity and innovation in people of all ages and backgrounds. Simply put, that means they want everyone to explore the world just like Leonardo da Vinci did.

I am excited to let you know about The Leonardo museum’s first ever in-house, Utah built exhibit, FLIGHT! I could try to explain it, but this video is beautiful and does a better job than I ever could!

FLIGHT at The Leonardo from The Leonardo on Vimeo.

You have a few great opportunites to experience FLIGHT at The Leonardo. You can support the fundraising campaign to this incredible one-of-a kind exhibit that is coming to our state this August.

CLICK HERE TO DONATE!  There are a lot of great gifts you get when you donate and donation amounts start at just $5.  In my opnion the best way to go is a $50 pledge - you get FOUR tickets to the kickoff event called The World’s Largest Field Trip on August 5th with a ton of amazing perks.  Go to the DONATION PAGE to read about everything included.  That's cheap for all you get!

I am so excited to take my family there since I have older kids who love science and a little toddler boy who can't get enough of airplanes!! The crowning jewel of the exhibit is a giant, C-131 aircraft. What’s better is that this isn’t just an airplane you can look at it. You can get up on the wings of the airplane and run from one side to the other. You can get in the cockpit and mess with all the buttons, levers and gadgets. You can slide out the back of the airplane on our giant slide. You can even get in and take a look at the fuselage and how things are put together and learn how airplanes are built and work. My son is going to DIE. DIE.

I hope to see you and your family there!!!
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