LDS Book Review: "More Than the Tattooed Mormon"

A Year of FHE // Book review of the LDS memoir "More Than the Tattooed Mormon" by Al Fox Carraway. Includes a link to get 20 free printables of inspiring quotes from the book!

More Than the Tattooed Mormon
by Al Carraway

After having met the author and hear her speak briefly I decided to read her book.  Al chronicles her journey from very first chance meeting with the missionaries, through her conversions, baptism, and move to Utah.  Along the way she encounters a lot of trails and obstacles, including the devastating reaction of her immediate family to her baptism.  Through her story she shows exception strength, but also shows her vulnerability as she questions why the Lord would orchestrate certain events.  I really appreciated her honesty in writing.

The writing and this book is as infectiously enthusiastic as Al is in person.  Readers of all ages can definitely enjoy this book, but I think it would be particularly engaging for teens.  Al's perspective and writing style lends itself well to youth.

I enjoyed this book and Al's story very much and found a lot of good advice and thoughts to consider.  This story really gives a lot of food for thought for even lifelong members about how we perceive others within and outside of the LDS church.  Al is so incredibly likable and faithful that when reading her story you cringe when others judge her because of her many tattoos, all of which she had before her baptism.  I felt even more committed to looking beyond the exterior to the heart of people.  This is a great reminder for everyone.

The writing in this book could have used a little bit of honing. A good editor would have made all the difference since the focus and pace was a bit off. A lot of readers probably won't mind, especially younger readers. Adults may find it a bit frustrating. This is what kept it from getting a perfect 5 star rating.  Having said that, the slightly clunky writing in no way overshadows the uplifting message, powerful testimony, and overall benefit of such an engaging read.

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Camille said...

So fun! I love that you linked to all her other products too. Thanks!

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Thanks for the review, always nice to know how a book is before you buy!

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