Saturday Share and THREE Utah Give-Aways!

This past week I had a pretty amazing Girls' Night with my sister-in-law. I wanted to share it with you AND give you some sweet prizes! (Because everybody likes sweet prizes)


We started off the night at Rodizio Grill at Trolly Square in downtown SLC.  I haven't been to a Brazillian BBQ in years (maybe 10) and I forgot how awesome it is!  I mean, waiters bring you swords of meat? Winning.

In addition to their regular menu, Rodozio Grill has just kicked off their Americano BBQ Fest.  They add additional sides and meats to their menu with inspired by American classic Summer flavors!  We're talking sweet corn bread, Bourbon molasses baked beans, Macaroni & Queijo, tender BBQ Ribs, smoked BBQ Brisket, BBQ Chicken, Root Beer Floats, Creamy GuaranĂ¡ Floats and more.

Everything was amazing!  I loved the BBQ chicken and the brisket was divine!  But I really need to take a moment and profess my love for the Mac N' Cheese. It was amazing, smooth, creamy, cheesy, AND it was topped with scallions and BACON.  Mmmmmm....bacon. Fun Fact: I tried a Quail Egg for the first time tonight.  Tasted just like a chicken egg, just smaller! Bucket List item completed.

Also, I really have to expound on the Creme Brulee.  I am a total snob about Creme Brulee.  And I have never had a better one in Utah than the one I had at Rodizio Grill.  Everyone here gets the filling to thick (almost pudding-like) and is too afraid to really torch that top.  But this was perfection.  The top had the right amount of crack and the custard beneath was silky smooth.  Man, I want more of that right now.  Read to the bottom of this post for a Rodizio GIVE-AWAY!


Our next stop was at Home #23 in the Utah Valley Parade of Homes.  This was a special house because it was staged by Osmond Designs and furnished entirely with the new MAGNOLIA FURNITURE line by Joanna Gaines from Fixer Upper. For the occasion I had to make two shirts with #shiplap on them.  If you watch the show, you'll know.
Now, I am a tad obsessed with the show Fixer Upper, even though my style is NOT shabby chic or french country.  I was interested to see if this furniture line would have anything that appealed to my style (modern, clean, lines) and it absolutely did!  Of course, there was a lot of country, shabby-chic, furniture and pieces, but it was mixed in with more sleek pieces.  I was impressed!

All I can say is Back-Splash Goals. There are gorgeous, elegant, and sweet touches in every detail of this Magnolia Furniture line.
And a really fun part of the collection was seeing pieces you remember from certain episodes of Fixer Upper!  Remember this cute little scalloped table from an episode? So fun!  I want it.

Let's take a moment and talk about the little details that make a house feel like a home. This home had so many touches of charm. This cloth napkin set had different sayings on each napkin. I need an entire set of the one that said "take your dishes to the sink". I'm so excited that Osmond Designs is carrying this line in Utah. You will LOVE it!
Today I am giving away prizes to THREE WINNERS!  Here's what you can win:

Prize 01 // Free meal for 2 at Rodizio Grill in Salt Lake City (Trolly Square location)
Prize 02 // 2 tickets to the Utah Valley Parade of Homes
Prize 03 // 2 tickets to the Utah Valley Parade of Homes

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