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When I decided to expand this blog to help you in ALL ares of LDS life (not just Family Home Evenings) I made a survey to ask what you most needed help with. The overwhelming answer was DINNER! So I am starting to share some of my family's favorite recipes here, but also scout out recipes from other amazing cooks for you too.

I recently got the eBook, 40 FAMILY FRIENDLY RECIPES, and I started making recipes from it right away to know if it was a book I should recommend to you. And it's a WINNER!  It's got a perfect mix of solid, dependable, meals that aren't too "out there" and a few recipes that step just slightly outside of the box so you can give your family a bit of adventure without going completely out of their comfort zone.  Also, every single recipe has a photo and a lot of the recipes have many photos that show steps.  Love that!

The very first recipe I made was SMOKED SAUSAGE WITH VEGGIES. It's basically a one-skillet dinner using kielbasa, peppers, onions, and potatoes....all things my family likes. I used Jennie-O Turkey Kielbasa in place of the regular pork variety.  Our entire family loves that turkey sausage and that's a really good swap-out that doesn't taste substantially different, but is much healthier.

Holy cow, every kid at our table was asking for seconds and eating it all up (myself and my husband too)!  Some of us topped it with ketchup and others went with light sour cream. I love that it was everything in one pot...meat, starch and veggies.  So easy and fast!  This is going straight into our permanent rotation.

Next we made the ENCHILADA LASAGNA. On this night I was cooking for both our family and my Sister-In-Law's family and she is a vegetarian.  I made the recipe in a large pan and at the same time made a single size portion in a loaf pan where I replaced the chicken with black beans.  I also used a Reduced-Fat Mexican cheese blend on both lasagnas.

We topped our lasagna with shredded lettuce, light sour cream, chopped green onions, and fresh cilantro.  Another winner, although next time I will add a small can of diced green chilies for just a bit of heat!

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