10 LDS Resources for Talking to your Kids/Teens about Bullying

A Year of FHE // This is such a valuable list of great LDS resources that discuss bullying, how to recognize it, how to handle it, and how to report it. The list has descriptions of each resource and is divided into Children and Teens.  #lds #bullying #fhe
This year we discovered my 9 yo was being severely bullied at school. I was surprised because we had had very frank and thorough conversations about bullying and that our kids should always tell a trusted adult.

But it still happened.  I was completely heartbroken and felt I had failed her.  Since then I have compiled a list of great LDS resources that discuss bullying, how to recognize it, how to handle it, and how to report it.


1. Stop Bullying Now // A basic guide for small kids which covers the questions What is bullying, What should I do if someone bullies me, and What should I do if a bully is hurting someone else?

2. Question Corner: Bullying // 
Children respond to the question "A girl at school is always mean to me. How can I still be kind to her?" Includes a printable poster of the responses.

3. 5 Steps to Stopping a Bully (Kids Version) // Teach your children how to avoid bullying.

4. The Bullying Problem/The Kindness Challenge // Goes over basics of bullying, but also includes a really helpful short quiz kids can take to see if they are unintentionally saying hurtful things to others.  Includes a 2 page graphic printable.

5. Tag, You’re It! // A short story for small children about ganging up to tease others and excluding kids during games.


6. 5 Steps to Stopping a Bully (Teen Version) // An article about teaching your child not to be a bully, steps to confronting a bully, and what to do it friends are being bullied.

7. How to Beat Bullying // A very in-depth article for teens explaining bullying and how to deal with it. it also covers Hazing.

8. Questions & Answers: A Friend Is Being Bullied // Shares ways you can help your friend and also has answers submitted by other LDS teens. Also addresses Cyber-Bullying.

9. Bullying - Stop It Video // A great video for teens showing the effects of Cyber-Bullying.

10. Your Sacred Duty to Minister // A talk specifically for Young Men and their Priesthood duties to minister to those being bullied. This has really great stories and council.

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