Utah Date Night: The Lost Children of Hamelin

My husband and I always try to live close to a University. Because it means LOTS of amazing (and inexpensive) date nights. In Pennsylvania we lived very close to West Chester University and loved the concerts, art museums. and student productions there.  Utah has so many great Universities that there is a lot to see and experience for date night at a very good cost.

A year ago we went to see a Musical written by a BYU student. He wrote ALL of it. The play, the dialogue, the music, the songs. It was pretty amazing (and mind-boggling) that a college student could pull that off, and pull it off well!

That show was centered around a missionary companionship who met a woman at a train station who heard their message and wanted to be baptized, but her husband joined her later at the station and was extremely upset.  The resulting story line was incredibly rioting and thought-provoking (and based on the writer's real mission experiences).  We talked about it in the car all the way home and for days afterwards.

That same student, Jamie Erekson, is now sharing a new opera called THE LOST CHILDREN OF HAMELIN and my husband and I are definately going to go see it!  It's playing at BYU and tickets are on sale now.  The cost is only $8 a ticket!!!  Yay, college towns!  When we attended the show last year it was completely sold out, so act fast!!


Music and libretto by Jamie Erekson
Directed by Lawrence Vincent

SYNOPSIS: Germany, 1295. The village of Hamelin has no children; they have been taken by the piper. A note was posted on the bell tower threatening death to the inhabitants of the town if a child is ever found in the village again. Anna still believes they will return, but her hope falters when a little girl stumbles into town and sets into motion a series of events that reveal the true identity of the piper and the fate of the lost children.

DATES: June 8, 9, 10, and 11
TIME: 7:30 pm
LOVATION: BYU, de Jong Concert Hall - Harris Fine Arts Center
AGES: 6 and up
COST: $8-$10 a ticket

CLICK HERE to buy your tickets!  And if you see me and my hubby there you had better come up and say HI!

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