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If you followed along and read my posts last week you probably read that I had decided on a posting schedule.  It's funny to admit this, but I really thought long and hard about that schedule. But something didn't sit right with me. There was always a nagging thought that something was missing.  Tonight, in a moment of clarity (at 1:52 am) I realized exactly what was missing: Connection.

One thing that is downright amazing about blogging is the connections you can form with other people (and women particularly, in my case).  When we moved from Philadelphia to Utah 18 months ago I was greeted by 3 or 4 new friends that felt like old friends because they had read and commented on my family blog for years.  I now hang out with these women all the time and great friendships were easily come by.

So, if you'll excuse me for being flaky and changing my mind I am going to amend my posting schedule.  It will now be as follows:

SUNDAY - FHE lesson for that week goes up.

TUESDAY & THURSDAY - other posts where I will share all of the other good stuff I have planned to make LDS life a bit easier for you.

SATURDAY - I will share myself.  What I have been thinking about that week. Which parts of motherhood are kicking my butt. Spiritual insights I had that week. What challenges and triumphs we are facing as a family. Here is my village of monkeys, complete with internet Code Names...ha!

I sincerely hope you will share YOU.  I hope you will leave comments and share all of those things about YOUR life.  Because I like to know I'm not alone just like we all do! And I want to share in YOUR triumphs!  Because that's how we connect and grow and learn and uplift each other.  And, really, is there a better way to make life a little bit better than that?

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THANK YOU TO EVERYONE who participated in this week's celebration! I really appreciate each and every one of you.  I wish I had a prize for each individual!!! If you sign up for my newsletter you DO get an awesome freebie, SIX STEPS TO BETTER FAMILY HOME EVENINGS, so that's kind of like an amazing prize, right?

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