A Year of FHE // A review of the app "LDS Coloring Books". My kids LOVE this app and your kids will too! #lds #app

I have an iPhone, but besides the Church Library and LDS Tools app I hadn't really looked into any other LDS themed apps.  I have found a few really great ones recently and thought I would share.  I have been sharing my finds here on the blog in case someone else is new to the LDS apps world, like me!

Recently we headed out the door to church and forget the "church bag".  That meant the prospect of sitting through a Sacrament Meeting with our kids (11, 9, 5, 2-1/2, and 18 months) with nothing to do.  No Friend magazines to browse through, no coloring books, nothing. In a frantic move I looked up some LDS apps while the prelude music was still playing.  I found LDS COLORING BOOKS.  I tried the free version first, which gives you access to ONE of the coloring books (The Old Testament).

My kids tried it out and they LOVED it!  There are 10 coloring books in all. The Old Testament is FREE and the other nine cost $1.99 each.  The Coloring Books available are:  Book of Mormon, New Testament, Missionaries, Church History, Proclamation to the World, Heavenly Father’s Creations, Christmas, Service, and Articles of Faith. Or you can buy the entire bundle which has all 10 coloring books for $8.99 - I bought the full pack.

Your kids just click on the coloring book they want and the pages appear...

Then they click on the crayons along the bottom (they can slide left and right to see all of the crayon color options) Click on the crayon and then click on the picture to color that area in.  There is an UNDO button, which is great.

When they are done the kids can share their photo via email, save to photo album, copy to the clipboard or print (you need a wireless connection established with your printer for this option).  Here's one my 7-year-old colored and saved to the photo album on my phone.

When they are done coloring a picture it stays colored forever unless you click on the paint bucket and choose "Clear Coloring".  I wish they would update this option.  At the end of sacrament meeting there were a gazillion colored pages that I had to go back through, one by one, and clear for next time.  I also wish they would include a short caption on each page so my kids know what they are coloring. Some pages (like Naomi and Ruth) are stories they may not be familiar with.

I should also mention that there is an option to play music while you color and is a collection of soft, instrumental, primary songs.  Obviously you want these turned OFF for use during church!

Overall my family LOVES this app. I think it was a $9 well spent.

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