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Cavalia by Odessyo Review and Discount Code


My daughter and I attended Cavalia this week and I wanted to give my Utah readers a full review so you know exactly what the show is and what you will experience when you attend with your family.  I took my 9 year old, Banjo, and her bestie.  I also had a playdate with her bestie's Mom.  Yay!  Because we had VIP tickets we got to pose on the red carpet. Oh my goodness, those little girls were excited about that red carpet!!! If you spring for the VIP Experience your family will love this part!

 Known as the world’s largest touring production, Cavalia Odysseo marries the equestrian arts, stage arts and high-tech theatrical effects. There are 65 horses and 45 artists that perform together.  I have never seen Cirque du Soleil, but my friend had and she said it was kind of like that, but far less weird.  Ha!  So, more for the entire family.

Okay, this show was AMAZING.  I don't even know where to begin.  The tents and performance area are clean and they keep the temperature neutral, so you won't be cold inside the tent even if it's cold outside.  The amount of seats in the tents is not overly large, so it really feels like there wouldn't be awful seating.  Even in the back row I think you would be able to see well and have a great experience.

The show itself was perfectly paced.  The show was split into small acts and the acts varied so that you never got bored (seriously, no one even got CLOSE to being bored. it's not possible).  There would be an act with performers riding the horses and doing amazing acrobatic tricks with them.  Then a scene of the African performers who did awesome tumbling and gymnastics acts, along with drums, then there would be an act with just acrobats.  It felt endlessly exciting and new.

When the first act started I noticed the singer on stage wearing a mic and I thought "no way is she singing live". But ALL of the music was LIVE!  It took a few acts for me to glance up and notice the live performers on the sides of the stage, being illuminated by soft lighting.  The music and singing was fantastic!

The horses were just beautiful.  Also, I feel like I should mention, I grew up with horses and had one of my own for a few years. The horse I owned had been mistreated by its previous owner during training and I know those mannerisms well. I felt it was obvious that these animals are well-cared for and trained lovingly. The horses seemed well-trained and guided gently into their routines.  You could often observe the performers petting and talking to the horses as an act was ending.

The sets were also amazing.  They had screen in back, moving curtains and lighting was used to make the stage itself look like different materials.  It was sand dirt, but in this scene, you can see, the lighting makes it appear to be a grassy hill.  It was pretty cool and even my daughter noticed the effects and we talked about it during intermission.

The performers were amazing at what they did and the performance was just gorgeous!  They performed on poles of a merry-go-round, on ribbons, on hoops suspended from the ceiling and with metal jumping stilts.

Our favorite parts included the African gymnasts.  They interacted with the audience at one point and it was so fun!  Not to mention, they aren't bad to look at. Just saying.  At the end they flooded the stage with water and the horses stomping in it was completely cool!  Such a fun ending.

I can't recommend this show enough!  It was one of those experiences you will ALWAYS remember!  I had a great time on my date with my daughter too.  It was the perfect experience for special time with your kids.  If you buy the VIP tickets you get to see the horses after the show in the stables.  That was pretty epic for my daughter.

2&1/2 hours (from 7:00-9:30pm)



For VIP TICKET prices click here.

The final Utah showing is Monday, June 6th.

Because the show is 2&1/2 hours long and ends at 9:30 pm I would suggest ages 8+.  I saw smaller children there, so it depends on your particular child.

There is parking for $10, but it is at the mall so you could park in the parking lot for free and walk a short distance.

They have a gift shop that has a large variety or products.  They have t-shirts in child and adult sizes.  They have stuffed horses, magnets, statues, magnets, CDs, books, everything you can think of!  The prices were standard for a show gift shop. The other Mom with us bought the two girls each a hooded tee.  They were $30 each, but were buy one get one 50% off. So, not too steep if you purchased two, making each one $22.50. I bought a magnet for our fridge because it's a family tradition of ours to get one wherever we go together.  It was $6 and is super-cute.

(QUICK NOTE: Photos I took have my watermark. All others are property of Cavalia)

Use the code SOCIALUT for 10% off!  BUY YOUR TICKETS HERE.

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Looks like a great event!! How much fun, I bet your kiddos loved it :)

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