BOOK REVIEW: The Christ-Centered Home by Emily Belle Freeman

A Year of FHE // Book Review of "The Christ Centered Home" by Emily Belle Freeman. This is a great review that gives a really thorough description of what the book is like and the best audience age! Includes links on where to buy and favorite quotes. #lds #book #familyhomeevening #review

The Christ Centered Home
by Emily Belle Freeman

It's not often that I'm kind of blown away by a book. Well, I was blown away by this book!  I knew it was going to include 12 devotionals you can do with your family, each month of the year. I guess I thought it would be more like the FHE lessons I provide here. But it is SO much more.

A Year of FHE // Quote from "The Christ Centered Home" by Emily Belle Freeman. #lds #book #familyhomeevening #christ

Each month has a theme, but each theme ties comes from an account in the scripture of Chirst visiting someone's home.  And the author makes these bible stories come alive with her amazing way of re-telling them (she always includes the references so you can read them straight from the bible).  But, honestly, the way she applies them to our lives is pretty amazing.  This woman KNOWS and LOVES the bible. That is certain.  This book isn't a dry recount of these bible stories.  It is rich and thought-provoking and meaningful.  And as the author is leading you through this path of really thinking about these stories and what they mean, there are spots in each chapter for you to write your own notes based on the thoughts she has inspired you to consider.  I mean, it's really genius.  For that reason I would suggest buying the physical copy of this book rather than the eReader, although either is great.

I was especially touched by the chapter on prayer.  The author shares personal experiences, moments from the life of Abraham Lincoln, and bible accounts from the life of Jesus Christ.  This is an example of her excellent writing style and how skilled she is at weaving a story that will inspire you. She gave me so much to think about in terms of how I pray about my own children, with my own children, and how to best guide them to a life of prayer.  Here's one of my favorite passages.

A Year of FHE // Quote from "The Christ Centered Home" by Emily Belle Freeman. #lds #book #familyhomeevening #prayer

This book would be especially well suited to those with older children at home.  My small kids would love the easy recipes she includes at the end of each chapter, but I think this series of monthly family devotionals would have the greatest impact on ages 10 and up.  Why? Because it is truly an inspiring way to delve into the scriptures and the questions she poses and the goals she encourages you to make would be really relatable to a teen, without being over their heads.  I just kept thinking, as I read this book, what a great resource this is for my family when my oldest kids are not quite ready for adult gospel discussions, but a bit too old for our usual Family Home Evening fare with coloring pages and mazes.

I cannot recommend this book enough.  It would be a true asset in any home that seeks to bring Christ into their every day.  You can buy this book anywhere books are sold! Or if you just want it delivered to your door while you lounge in your pajamas (like me) you can buy from Amazon.

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Unknown said...

Wow! This one is going on my wish list! I love the idea of learning what we can from each time Christ visited someone's home. Thanks for the recommendation!

Sheena Perron said...

I think you sold me on this! Sounds amazing, and what a great idea for monthly devotionals! Thanks for recommending it.

Camille said...

I like that you mentioned this book was good for those in between years- after the coloring pages but before the full on adult discussions. Thanks for the recommendation.

Amberly said...

This is a really cool book! I think it will be a stocking stuffer for Joe this Christmas. It's not too early to order for that, is it?

Life's Journey To Perfection said...

It sounds like a fabulous book!! Thank you so much for the review, I'll have to check it out :)

reyesohana said...

Excited to read it! Thanks for the recommendation. Off subject, but would you tell me the fancy font you use on your printouts?

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