Family Home Evening: Prayer

A Year of FHE // FREE family home evening lesson about Prayer. Includes Scripture, song, lesson and activity! #fhe #lds #prayer #familyhomeevening
What You'll Need: scriptures, Four Parts of Prayer chart, Gospel Art Kit picture #117 - Daniel in the Lions’ Den, printed activities and coloring tools.

Scripture: 2 Nephi 32:9 - " must pray always, and not faint."

Opening Song: A Child's Prayer (PCS #12 )


If Mommy went on a long vacation and you couldn't see her for a long time would you miss her?  How could you talk to her while she was gone?

Before we came to earth we lived with our Heavenly Father.  He sent us here to learn, grow and gain a body.  He is our father and misses us.

• How can we talk to Heavenly Father while we are on the earth?  (through prayer)

There are four parts of a prayer...
(display the following chart)

First, we open by calling our Heavenly Father by name.
Second, we thank Heavenly Father for our many blessings.
Third, we ask for any special blessings we or others may need at this time.
Fourth, we close in the name of Jesus Christ and say Amen.

This pattern is one we can use for the rest of our lives to address our Heavenly Father in prayer and is based on the way Jesus Christ taught us to pray in the scriptures.
Sing or say the words to the second verse of “I Pray in Faith” (Children’s Songbook, p. 14) several times. Have the children hold up one finger for each of the four special things we say when we pray.

I begin by saying “Dear Heavenly Father”;
I thank him for blessings he sends;
Then humbly I ask him for things that I need,
In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Let's review...
• How do we begin our prayers?
• What could we thank Heavenly Father for?
• What could we ask Heavenly Father for?
• How do we end our prayers?

Show Gospel Art Kit picture #117, Daniel in the Lions’ Den.

Tell the story from Daniel 6. Read aloud the first part of verse 22 to explain why Daniel was not hurt while he was in the lions’ den.

Explain that Daniel wanted to pray because it was a commandment from Heavenly Father and also because he wanted to thank Heavenly Father for his blessings.

• What did the king do because Daniel prayed? (See Daniel 6:16.)

• What happened to Daniel in the lions’ den? (See Daniel 6:22.)

• How do you know that Heavenly Father listened to Daniel’s prayer? (See Daniel 6:23.)

Bear your testimony about Tell of a time when Heavenly Father listened to your prayers.  Share how thankful you are that we can pray to Heavenly Father, and assure them that Heavenly Father listens to us when we pray.

(For tips on sharing your testimony please click here.)

Activity: Choose from the following activities as they best suit your family.

For Younger Children: Prayer Maze

For Older Children: Prayer Word Search (click to download)

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Paige Flamm said...

This is such a great idea! My son loves the story of Daniel so he'll love this lesson tonight!


Amie said...

You are my hero. Thank you!

Calder Family said...

hi! This is great! The Parts of Prayer printable does not come up in the PDF... Is there a way to get that???

Andrea said...

Can't tell you how many Monday nights have been saved by you wonderful blog ;) lots of love, Andrea

Andrea said...

Can't tell you how many Monday nights have been saved by you wonderful blog ;) lots of love, Andrea

Familie Märki said...

This is great, thank you for your work and making it easy for us!
our kiddies ( 1, 3, 4 ) will love this. Love, Maaike

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Thank you so much for this blog! I've just discovered it, and will be coming back to it often!

Unknown said...

It's a shame the links don't work properly and there are bits missing from the download.

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