BOOK REVIEW: "I Am a Mother" by Jane Clayson Johnson

A Year of FHE // A review of the book "I Am a Mother" by Jane Clayson Johnson.  Great gift idea for Mother's Day or birthdays! #lds #mother #sud #book
I Am a Mother
By: Jane Clayson Johnson
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Today I am reviewing I Am A Mother by Jane Clayson Johnson.

Jane tells the story of her life as a network news correspondent and co-host of The Early Show. She explains that she had intended to get married quite early and then her life took unexpected turns and landed her at this prestigious job. She later resigned to become a full time mother and received extremely mixed reactions to this decision.

I did not expect to love this book, but I did! Jane tells stories of how her life unfolded while being brutally honest about where she has been and what she has learned. This book included not even one ounce of condescension. She is likable, inspiring, funny and candid.

It's a very easy read and after I finished the book I  was so inspired that I immediately decided to give my copy away to another mother and spread the uplifting experience (and I did give it away to a wonderful woman recently expecting her 7th baby!)

I recommend this book for ALL women, not just mothers or members of the LDS church. I generally love being a mother, but this book was still a must-read. It will help you remember how important what you are doing is...even if you already knew it! So pick up this book. You will be inspired.

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