FREE 12 Apostles Memory Game with other General Authorities

I designed this game this week as we prepare for General Conference weekend.  Since I last made a game for Conference we have added 3 new apostles!  So it was time for an update.

This memory card game comes with 2 matching cards for:
- the First Presidency
- the 12 Apostles
- the Presidents of each auxiliary (Sunday School, Relief Society, etc.)

You also get a matching backing for the cards.  Here's how you make your own game!

1. Print PDF at an office store.
I went with Staples. You can upload the pdf on their site and send it to your nearest store to print.  I printed onto 110lb cardstock (it's nice and heavy).  It cost me around $5 to print mine. (You should be choosing COPIES > COLOR COPIES > ONE SIDED > ONTO 110LB WHITE CARDSTOCK).

2. Use adhesive to glue patterned papers onto the back of each page of cards, wrong sides together.

3. Use a paper trimmer or scissors to cut on the light grey lines to make cards.  You can then choose to laminate the cards if you want.

1. Turn card face down in even rows.

2. Players should turn over two cards at a time, seeing if they got a match. Players should same the name of the person on the card as they turn them over.

3. If they don’t get a match their turn ends.

4.  If they turn over two matching cards they get to continue to find more matches, ending their turn when they turn over two non-matching cards.

5. When all of the cards have been claimed, players count how may matches they got. The person with the most matches wins!

Store into a Snack-size ziplock baggie, envelope or small box.

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8 Way Righteous Comments:

Cara said...

Great Work! I'm excited to make this...but we'll need to change the General Primary President :) But I like the idea of teaching the children who they are as well. I never thought of that! Thank you for sharing this!

Anonymous said...

Love this idea!! Thanks for sharing!

Melissa Basua

Maryhelen said...

I'm wondering the same thing that has been mentioned before - would you be able to provide an update with the new Primary General Presidency? Many thanks!

burntendsforbreakfast said...

Great idea!

Holly said...

This is great! Would you be able to change the updated Presidencies? Thanks so much for your hard work!

Courtney said...

Hello! I love the idea of this wonderful printable but when I click the download button it isn't working! Please help! My email is if that is a better way to reply. Thank you!!

Unknown said...

Love it! Do you plan to keep it updated?

Sarah said...

I love these. Do you have an up to date version? I'd love to let my kids play this and learn to recognize other leaders.

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