Family Home Evening: Showing Love through Gentleness

What You'll Need: scriptures, blank paper, scissors, crayons, gluestick or tape. Prepare a bag or box containing familiar objects with different textures and shapes, such as a rock, a leaf, a piece of fabric, a spoon, a comb, and a pencil. Include at least one object per child.

Scripture Eph. 4:32 - And be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted.

Opening Song I Have Two Little Hands (PCS #272)


Have a child reach a hand into the bag or box you have prepared, without looking into it. Ask the child to feel one of the objects, tell what it feels like (soft, hard, smooth, rough), and try to guess what it is. Then have the child remove the object from the bag or box and show it to the class. Let the other children feel it. Continue until every child has had a turn.

- What did you use to reach into the bag (box)?
- What did you use to feel the object?

Explain that our hands are a great blessing to us. We can use our hands in many ways.

- How did your hands help you each day?
- How do your hands help you play?
- How do your hands help you work?

We can use our hands for all kinds of good things. They can SHARE, HUG, HELP, HOLD HANDS, LEAD OTHERS and PET ANIMALS.
Help the children understand that our hands are a great blessing to us and that Heavenly Father and Jesus want us to use our hands to help ourselves and to help others. Explain that Heavenly Father and Jesus do not want us to use our hands to be unkind to others—to hit or pinch or scratch. They want us to learn to use our hands in the right ways.

President Ezra Taft Benson said “One who is kind is gentle with others. He is considerate of others’ feelings and has a helpful nature. We become more Christlike as we are more kind and more patient.” President Bensen wanted us to know that when we use our hands to show love we are being like Jesus.

Bear your testimony about the increased love and peace we can have if we always use our hands to do good. (For tips on sharing your testimony please click here.)

Practice Song If learning the song of the month, go over the words and music with your family. You may choose to use pictures, word charts or other games which help family members learn the words.

Activity Options

Activity 1: Recite one or both of the following activity verses with the children:

I want to follow Jesus,
Be kind and loving too. (hug self)
I’ll share my smiles; (point to mouth and smile)
I’ll share my toys. (pretend to give away a toy)
That’s what He’d have me do.

Activity 2: Trace (or paint) each child's hands onto paper and write "I will use my hands to show love." at the bottom of each page.

Activity 3: Print a Sharing Cube (from the Children's Friend magazine) for each child by clicking the picture below. Have them color cube then cut out and put together with glue stick or tape.

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