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Contemplations of A Convert 
by Kenneth Johnson

I first became aware of Elder Kenneth Johnson when I was serving a mission in Nebraska.  He visited and spoke at a Zone Conference in the first half of my mission.  I was immediately affected by his amazing story, his faith, his manner of speaking, the Spirit he brought.  Some of the things he said during that conference changed my life and my faith forever.

I included one of Elder Johnson's General Conference talks in my list of 8 LDS TALKS THAT CHANGED MY LIFE.  You can visit that post and listen to his talk to get a feel for his style of teaching and his writing voice.

I was thrilled when he wrote a book and I devoured it.  There were so many wonderful passages and insights.  He also has wonderful humor.  I suggest you grab a highlighter while you read!  This is not too long a book and is a really easy and pleasant read.

I really love his perspective as a convert to the Church as a young man in England.  But this book offers so much more than that.  He gives amazing insights on learning to hear and recognize the Spirit, on our relationship with our Father in Heaven and growing our faith.  I highly recommend this book to all members.  Elder Johnson's voice, story-telling, and faith will touch your heart.

You can buy Contemplations of a Convert HERE.

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