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One of the trickiest parts of getting into the habit of holding FHE is regular life.  All of the sudden you realize it's Monday night and you have nothing planned.  My lessons are great for last minute planning, but if you want a reminder before then there are a number of ways you can get one through social media!

On Sunday morning you'll get a visual reminder that a FHE Lesson Plan has posted to the blog!  You can get that reminder through Facebook, Instagram, or Blog Lovin'.  Just click the buttons below (or in the sidebar) to join.  I also have brand new content and features planned during each week so you'll want to know when something new pops up besides a lesson.

You may also want to find some of MY favorite LDS content from all different sources.  That's where wonderful PINTEREST comes in.  I pin my favorite LDS stuff from all over the web there and you can find it on my board titled LDS LOVE.

These buttons will ALWAYS be available in the left-hand side bar over there.  I hope these additional tools help you reach your Family Home Evening goals this year!

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