Amazing Easter Challenge from Multiple LDS Contributers

With Easter on the horizon our thoughts are turned towards the Resurrection of our Savior, Jesus Christ and his atoning sacrifice for us. Because our Savior was willing to sacrifice and endure, we have the opportunity to be resurrected ourselves. At Easter we don't only celebrate Christ's Resurrection, we celebrate all that that means for us now- all the blessings and hope that comes as a result.

With those blessings is the opportunity to be with our families forever. "No sorrow will last forever"- what an amazing promise. This Easter celebrate the bonds in your family. Take the #MyForeverFamily challenge to grow closer to your family now, your family past, and your future family. Starting Saturday, February 27 through Easter, there is a suggested activity for you to do and we're going to help you accomplish it. 15 LDS bloggers have teamed together to provide amazing ideas, resources, and tips to help you meet the challenge and celebrate this Easter with your whole family.

I was asked to participate with this inspiring group of LDS Bloggers.  I am thrilled to participate and I am cooking up something really fun and meaningful for your family.  But first, you need to know where to go to get all of the info and stay connected.

CLICK HERE to access all of the information, find the links to all the planned activities and invite the Spirit of Easter into your home this year.


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