UPDATED: LDS General Conference FREEBIE | Draw the Speaker


This is by far my children's favorite General Conference activity page.  I have been meaning to add a female speaker for AGES and also to clean up the lines now that my Photoshop skills have improved.  Finally, I did it!  Hope you enjoy!  CLICK HERE to open printable PDF.

4 Way Righteous Comments:

Emily said...

I love this so much, thank you!!

Mary P said...

Thank you for this! I know my almost five year old daughter will love it. She is very aware of the presence of women, and feminine things, so she'll be so excited to draw the sisters who speak, lol!

Unknown said...

My kids will love this activity during Conference! It'll be interesting to see how they perceive the speakers and then draw them out. So fun! Thank you!!!

Vicki Kemsley Parry said...

Thank you! I printed them off to give to the sister I visit teach (for her little guy). He will love this activity!

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