Printable Handout: Jesus Christ, the Only Begotten Son

We just moved from Philadelphia to Utah and my husband and I received a calling to teach the VALIANT 9 class in Primary. As you may have guessed, I looove Primary! Lesson 4 in the manual is JESUS CHRIST IS THE SON OF HEAVENLY FATHER. As I was re-reading the lesson on Saturday night I was suddenly struck with inspiration for a handout and thought I would share it here.

It's basically a pedigree chart.  Children will fill out the information for themselves and then fill out the same information for Jesus Christ. This will clearly illustrate the meaning of Only Begotten Son of the Father.

Once it is completed by each student the handout should look like this...

CLICK HERE to download a printable pdf.

1 Way Righteous Comments:

Melissa said...

Love it! May I suggest adding Heavenly Mother to the pedigree?

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