3 steps to reaching your FHE Goals + FREE PRINTABLE

I have a confession you will find surprising:
I suck at having Family Home Evening.

I made this blog years ago as a form of accountability because I am lousy at holding consistent FHE.  I am resolved to do better in 2015.  Last night our family sat down together and had THIS lesson.  it was perfect for what we needed.  There has been a lot of bickering and discord in our home recently and we needed to involve the kids in making goals to improve our family.

The good thing about this lesson (I should really give credit to the Proclamation on the Family) is that some of the goals were fun.  My kids were clamoring to set the goal for Wholesome Recreational Activity (a.k.a. FUN).

I am recommitting to hold regular Family Home Evening with my family.  Do you want to join me? Here are some of my plans to make this happen.

1. Find a night that works for YOU.  We have to hold FHE on Sunday evening. If we try to have it on Monday there is homework and dinner and other activities.  I don't think it matters so much which day you hold it on as long as you set aside one evening each week to dedicate to FHE.

2. Prepare, Prepare, Prepare.  Print out a month's worth of FHE lessons on Fast Sunday and have them ready to go in a safe place.  I used to print week by week, but even that was complicating things. I think printing for a month all at once will help.

3. Get the kids involved.  Let them know our intention to hold FHE each week on Sunday evenings. If your kids are anything like mine they will hold you to it!

To get you motivated check out the newly revamped Family Home Evening webpage from lds.org.  It's got links to video, quotes, the manual (which doesn't work for us, but may work for you), and other resources.

I was particularly inspired by this quote by Gordon B. Hinckley.

And here's a FREE printable to hang in your home.  It comes in four colors and is sized at 8x10" with the white border.  Enjoy!

"The lessons learned in the home are those that last the longest". -Gordon B. Hinckley // FREE PRINTABLE POSTER in your choice of 4 colors from A Year of FHE!

6 Way Righteous Comments:

Ashley Harris said...

YOU are AMAZING. Loves!

Candice said...

I love this printable! And your whole site. Thanks for sharing your talents!

One little note.... I think that this quote is from President Monson.

The Betitas said...

What is it about the manual that doesn't work for you?

Olson Family said...

Hello! I love your site! :) I am trying to get ahead of FHE myself and was wondering if there is an option for downloading your past FHE lessons either a month or a year at a time. Some sites offer a one-time payment to get the file of all the downloads and I would love that option on your blog! I see that I can download/print one at a time but was wondering about getting a larger quantity downloaded. Please let me know, thanks!!

Nicole said...

Emily, thanks so much for your blog AND this post! I am horrible about FHE, and having it on Sunday is the perfect time for my family too. I'm so thankful I found a link to your blog.
When I saw your last name, I got excited. I know some Aherns! Then I saw the photo of your husband... He's my cousin (I'm his uncle Kent's baby girl)! This is a small world, especially on the internet. ;)
Take care. I hope you are loving it in Utah (I miss it)!

Anonymous said...

Great lessons. Thanks! One quick question. I can't get the lesson and activities to download, when I click to download the lesson PDF a blank screen for app.box.com comes up on the family proclamation lesson. Any tips?! Thanks so much!

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