Help for Mothers

“You know the myths--that mothers are always patient and serene, that they always know exactly the right thing to say when those teaching moments come, that they can create homes that are such peaceful refuges from the world that their children will grow up always in tune with the Spirit. These concepts are beautiful ideals that we should cherish and strive for, but they are not accurate pictures of the realities we live in. The belief that we are the only ones in our wards who aren't living the ideals already is what makes these myths dangerous... 

To a woman who is struggling with being a Tuesday make-the-lunches-do-the-laundry-dish-out-spaghetti-and-hugs-and-drive-to-Little-League mother, hearing a lofty sermon on the eternal joys of motherhood is neither very helpful nor comforting. Mothers deserve help--real help--with all of this physical work.”

- Chieko Okazaki
Shared Motherhood, pp. 4-5, 10

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