Cookies for Philly Temple Construction Workers

Just a fun post to share today.

I live in a Philadelphia suburb and so we are all SO excited for the current construction happening on a Philadelphia Temple.  Our closest Temple is the Washington DC Temple, which is a 2.5 hour drive each way.  We are lucky to have it near, but a 40 minute drive into Philly seems so much closer!  I just wanted to share something awesome that the Relief Society sisters in our area are doing as the Temple construction is under way.

The construction workers are asked to not smoke, swear, drink coffee, or eat on site. They exit from a gate at lunch each day and each Wednesday we are waiting for them. Wards from the area take turns and show up each Wednesday at lunch time to hand out home-baked cookies to the workers on their break.

This week was my Ward's turn and here's a photo of our awesome Relief Society sisters handing out cookies.

It's a small thing, but the workers love it and it's a simple way to brighten their day and hasten the work of the Temple building!  Here are a few snapshots of the work in progress.

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Anonymous said...

That's sweet! :-)

asfd said...


Wendy said...

What a wonderful thing! I bet they look forward to Wednesdays :)

Anonymous said...

That is such a sweet idea! Reading it made me tear up. I am so thankful that you are getting a temple closer to you!
Also, thank you SO much for the Article of Faith printables! My kids learn them so easily with the help of your little posters. And we make sure to teach them about the true meaning as well. Thanks again! Love, Marian from Nevada

annie said...

This is the sweetest thing!! thanks for sharing :)

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