GREAT flashlight SALE for 72 Hour Kits

NOTE: I don't get anything from Home Depot for posting this. Just my personal recommendation!

Head on over to Home Depot to snag this Defiant LED Aluminum Flashlight Combo 8-Pack (which includes 24 AAA Eveready batteries!!) for only $6 (reg. $11.98!) – that makes each flashlight just $0.75. Note that this combo pack is only available for FREE in-store pick up (if in stock at your local store!) – shipping to your home is not an option.

I got these when we were hit by a hurricane last year and they were great for our kids. They have that little loop which holds the black strap so I tied a ribbon through them and my kids could hang them around their neck.  Then, if the power went out and they weren't by me they could easily click on their flashlight and find their way.  The light comes on by pushing a large button on bottom and even my 3 year old can do it.

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