Sponsor Spotlight: 25 Days of Christ

Over on my family blog I have shared our family's ways to have a CHRIST-CENTERED CHRISTMAS. This is something I feel strongly about. But even if you're a Santa-lover it's always nice to have additional ideas for helping your family remember Christ each holiday season. Now there's a super-easy way to bring Christ into your holiday season in a very special (and FUN) way.

I first saw this kit last year and was blown away by it!  A well-thought out, well executed and high quality product that will impact your family for good.  Last year these kits SOLD OUT quickly, so if you're considering buying one I suggest you act quickly.  Buying this month, well ahead of December 1st, is the way to go.  It's the best $30 you'll spend this year!

Start a new tradition this year that puts Christ at the center of your Christmas celebrations. Gather your family each night in December to study the life and teachings of Jesus Christ as you countdown to Christmas.

Children of all ages will love and remember these scripture stories as they place a symbolic ornament on your tree after each night's reading. You will build lasting memories as you fill your home with the true meaning of Christmas. What better gift can you give your children and extended family this Christmas season?

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2 Way Righteous Comments:

ejnorton said...

Be aware that they have already sold out of kits for 2013, but it's wonderful that they put all of the info on their website, so I can still do it in my own makeshift way until I can have a kit next year. :)

Keshia Phill said...

If you email the girl like I did last year when they were sold out and I found it as well she emailed me early this year so that I have ordered it, painted everything, and am ready to go. I too feel very strongly about a Christ Centered Christmas. We have a few awesome traditions that focuses it all in and it truly is my favorite time of year with my family.

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