Conference Talk Spotlight: "Come All Ye Sons of God" + Free Printables

A Year of FHE // Check out this recap of a fabulous 2013 General Conference talk on Missionary Work by Pres. Monson and grab some FREE printable bookmarks! #lds #missionaries #printable

We had such a beautiful RS lesson last Sunday based on the talk, "Come All Ye Sons of God" by Thomas S. Monson from the April 2013 General Conference.

It was a lovely reminder to each of us on how to be successful in becoming more profitable servants in the Lord’s vineyard.

Our beloved Prophet went over four steps:

1. Search the scriptures with diligence.   
The scriptures testify of God and contain the words of eternal life.

2. Plan your life with purpose (regardless of your age)
Your example as a Latter-day Saint will be observed, weighed, and ofttimes emulated.

3. Teach the truth with testimony.
Lift up your voices and testify to the true nature of the Godhead. Declare your witness concerning the Book of Mormon. Convey the glorious and beautiful truths contained in the plan of salvation.

4. Serve the Lord with love.
There is no substitute for love.  ...Each of you...ask [your]self the question “Today, have I increased in faith, in virtue, in knowledge, in godliness, in love?”

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I made a FREE printable bookmark set to share. These would be great to print off onto cardstock, laminate and include in your next letter to a missionary.  CLICK HERE to download the pdf and print!

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Amy said...

Love this bookmark! Thank you!

Sharee Pack said...

Great bookmark for my greenie missionary. She collects bookmarks so she will love it.

Unknown said...

I cannot find the google doc.

Sheena Perron said...

These are great! What a great talk and ways to become more profitable servants. Thanks for sharing!

Heather Mecham said...

I especially love #2. We need purpose in all seasons of our lives.

Camille said...

Thank you for the bookmarks- these are great! I'm going to print them out and use them as we go through Preach My Gospel this summer!

Life's Journey To Perfection said...

What a great lesson :) By the way, your site looks great :)

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