Church News: New Temple Video

Many members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who worshipped at an LDS temple this week saw something unexpected: a new film.

Since the 1970s, a portion of LDS temple instruction has been provided through pre-recorded media, including film.

Beginning this week, a new temple film is being shown in several LDS temples.

"The new temple film is the first update in more than 20 years,” said church spokeswoman Ruth Todd. “There have been no changes to the script. English-language copies of the new film are being sent to temples over the next few weeks and will subsequently be translated into other languages."

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Have YOU seen the new Temple video?
Is so, WHERE do you live?I have heard it's mostly showing in Western US Temples.

*Please remember to not discuss specifics of the video or Temple worship in your comments.

9 Way Righteous Comments:

Delightful Domestic Science said...

My brother in FL has seen it and says its really REALLY good. More subtle.

Unknown said...

I haven't been yet but here in CO they announced that it had changed because they had to change around the endowment schedules. I think they said it's 12 minutes longer now? I'm curious to know what is making it longer since the spokeswoman said there have been no changes to the script.

*katie said...

San Diego has the new video. I've heard that the extra length is due to longer pauses for time for reflection along with time needed for translation. I'm hoping to go next week and see for myself :)

Karen E said...

Yes, I have seen it here in St George, and Katie is exactly right, pauses and reflection are awesome. You don't notice that it is any longer at all.

Angela Muir said...

Interesting! i was just thinking a couple weeks ago "i wonder when they will update this video?!" how funny. p.s love your blog and the motivation it gives me :)

jeanine said...

My dad is a temple worker in anchorage and told us that there was a new one. We are in the middle of moving... And the temple here is closed for the month... I can't wait for it to open so I can go see it!

Sharon said...

My dad said that it's longer because it was hard for some languages to get in everything before they moved on. Think old translated Japanese movies where they would still be "talking" but the words had stopped and vice versa. I haven't seen the movie yet because there were people who needed Spanish the last time I went. Since they haven't finished the translations, if there is anyone who needs it translated, they have to show the old movie.

Anonymous said...

I loved it and made the mistake of referring to it as a movie when I was reprimanded and told it is an instructional video, not a movie. However, the changes in interpretation to this version have made it so good that you get swept into it. We found it much more emotional and felt like I'd watched a love story, not just an "I.V.". To me that's a compliment. I don't mean that you'll lose the spiritual nature of the film - in fact I feel it is intensified. What a beautiful interpretation of the script. If we have this one around for the next 20 years, that's okay.

Amber said...

I saw it in the San Antonio Temple last night. Absolutely gorgeous and very spiritual--- I didn't think it was possible to love the temple more! :)

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