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The Church History department has launched Prophets of the Restoration, a new video gallery featuring the life and ministry of each president of the Church. From Joseph Smith to Thomas S. Monson, the site is a collection of powerful videos showing stories, teachings and more.

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A new Mormon Message for Youth is now available on the Youth website. The video shows how living your life without the help of the Savior can have disastrous consequences. The video is based on a talk by Elder Richard G. Scott titled The atonement can secure your peace and happiness.

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The latest video in the Bible Videos series is titled Jesus Acclaims John the Baptist, in which we learn of John the Baptist's role as a messenger. The video can be found at, iTunes, YouTube, the Mormon Channel and the Bible Videos app.

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The soundtrack for the British Pageant, Truth will Prevail, is available for free as a digital download. You will be able to experience the stories and history of early Mormon pioneers in the United Kingdom through the soundtrack. This is the first time the Church has produced a pageant in the British Isles.

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