8 Ways to Make Seminary Great

A Year of FHE // Eight Ways to Make Seminary Great! A bunch of great ideas for teens to read each year as Seminary is about to begin. #lds #seminary

Try these tips for making your seminary experience the best it can be.

Whether you attend seminary at home or in a Church building, before dawn or after, alone or with dozens of others, seminary can help change your life if you let it. Here are eight ideas for making your seminary experience great. To learn more about seminary and find resources to help in your study, visit seminary.lds.org.

1. Know why you go. Take some time to think about why you are attending seminary. Why do your parents, priesthood leaders, and the prophet encourage teenagers to attend? What are the promised blessings?

2. Invite a friend. Ask your friends if they are going to take a seminary class this year. If they aren’t planning on it or aren’t sure, invite them to go to seminary. You both will be blessed and have a better year together.

3. Be prepared. Do you know what you’ll be studying that day? Have you read ahead? Have you prayed for answers to the questions you have? If you show up with a question in mind and a desire to learn, it will surprise you what you can get out of class.

4. Make time. Do not let homework, sports teams, or school clubs push seminary aside. Make time for seminary no matter what. The Lord has promised that when we put spiritual things first, our temporal needs are met.

5. Participate. Participate in seminary activities such as scripture mastery, personal scripture reading, class discussions, and writing in your journal throughout the year. You will always get more out of seminary when you actively participate.

6. Apply it. Make a plan for how you’ll apply what you’re learning. What you learn won’t change your life unless it becomes part of your life.

7. Think about it. Take time to stop and think about what you have learned. Write it down. Look back at old journal entries and see how your testimony has grown since you began.

8. Have fun! Get to know your teacher and the other students in your class and help everyone have a good time learning together.

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