Utah Members: Support a great local group!

Hey Utah Friends (and everyone else)!

I wanted to share a GREAT opportunity to support a local group!

Caleb Chapman’s Crescent Super Band is the world’s top professional big band consisting entirely of young musicians (all are ages 15-18). Although these 25 teens have won international recognition, they come from an unlikely place – the state of Utah! Caleb Chapman (my awesome Brother-In-Law and BYU Alum) is the band’s founder and director.

Are you ready to be blown away by these TEENS as they perform?
(Seriously, when I was a teen I was just trying to learn how to talk to boys and not be a zitty mess).

Check this out...

And hey, you even get cool stuff for donating. From free mp3 downloads to t-shirts to a PRIVATE PERFORMANCE with the band. Hello, awesome! But, just so you know, even $5 would be amazing!

to learn more about donating through KickStarter!

You can donate any time between NOW and JULY 14th.

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