Mothers Who Know FREE 8x10" printable poster


I was recently re-reading the Mothers Who Know talk from the October 2007 LDS General Conference by Julie B. Beck.  This beautiful talk is packed with good reminders of how I want to strive to fulfill my role as a mother.

I made an 8x10" poster and I am sharing it here as a FREE Printable! 

to enlarge and save to your desktop (keep clicking it until you see the little spyglass with the +.

Then print on your home printer or print at a local photo lab.  Frame and enjoy!

2 Way Righteous Comments:

Katelyn said...

I'm going to print this-thanks so much!

Beth said...

Thank-you for this! I like this talk and need a reminder -- so I found this via Pinterest and will be printing it. I so appreciate you sharing it!!

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